Home Staging Tips That Are both Informative and Interesting

If you are someone making a decision to vouch on that ‘sell my house fast Virginia Beach’ offer, this piece is clearly for you. Since you have made that decision to put your house on sale, the road to getting to the right buyer with the right offer is filled with many stages. One such step is home staging. But many home sellers, especially the one who is selling the home for the first time think that it is a time taking and costly process. Fortunately, it is nowhere true.

As per a report from National Association of Realtor’s 2017, it was found that 49% of buyers’ agents think that home staging significantly affects the perception of buyers towards a house. 77% of these agents agreed that it helps buyers visualize their life in the house. Additionally, 21% of agents representing sellers found that the price of house increases between 6-10%.

With that said, let’s find out how you can add more value to your home by staging it correctly.

De-clutter the clutter

Cluttered space can be a big turn off for home buyers who are seeking a bigger and spacious house. Start off by packing things away that are taking too much of space. Keep your décor subtle and minimal. Remove things that you don’t need on a daily basis like magazines, newspapers, games or players. One thing most buyers are concerned about is storage space. Buyers will for sure check your closet for evaluating the storage capacity. Remove anything from the closet that you don’t need more often.

Go neutral

You might be selling a house, but a buyer is buying a life. A life that they had always imagined. Make the buyers feel right at home by showing them how their life in the house would be like. Create a sense of comfort and luxury by painting the walls with light shade colors.

Make it look good the first time

An impressively done entrance can raise the chance of converting the deal into real sale significantly. Make the best first impression of the house on the buyers even before they step inside. Don’t forget to remove any seasonal decorations done in the front area. Adding a lively looking potted plant or two can help to turn the area homely and welcoming.

Add more freshness

According to companies that buy houses, adding too much of extraneous items in a home can decrease its value. Instead, go for some fresh looking healthy indoor plants. Flowers and plants can add extra life to the space making it more welcoming and warm. But many would argue that doing so would take up a lot of their time and effort. The easy way out could be to buy a few fake plants.

As much as your house needs to look fresh, it should smell fresh too. Any lingering odor can turn off prospective buyers. Before showing your house, make sure you have thrown out the garbage. One may also use scented plug-in or aroma diffuser.

Light it up

Adding lights to space can turn out to be a great low-cost solution to improving its look and feel if done strategically. Brighten up your house by letting in as much light as possible. By adding something as small as a floor light, you can brighten up even the darkest ceiling and completely change the living space. While showing the house, make it a note to turn on all the lights, even the ones in the closet.

Rearrange your furniture

Turn your home more spacious by making enough walkable space. This will help prospective buyers navigate the area as well as help them visualize how their furniture will fit into space. Get extraneous furniture out of your way. Put oversized pieces or things that have damaged beyond repair right away. Rearrange what all furniture is left to give your room spacious look and feel.