The Handwoven Floor Coverings from the Atlas Mountains

By | 05/06/2018

In today’s ever driven world, it can be harder than ever to take the time and smell the roses. Many people yearn for something that reminds them what is truly important in life. They want to have items that are all about the world of love and appreciation of details. This is why they look for items such as Berber rugs that are all about the use of ancient and wonderful techniques. They know that even in today’s technologically dominant world, they can count on something that will always speak of an illustrious past when the world craft was something that was appreciated. They want to have something timeless in their own lives. Such rugs, unlike many other items on the market today, are not about rushing through and getting something done as quickly as possible. They look for those who still use craft and still pay close attention to all they do with the aim of making it beautiful and long lasting.

A Glorious History

The history of Beni Ourain rugs begins deep in the mists of time. For many hundreds of years, residents of the Atlas mountains have led a life in tune with nature. They are surrounded by it at every turn. Over time, the residents of these mountains gradually realized just how well they could make use of the area’s wonderful bounty. They saw that it was possible for them to take the sheep that make this area their home and use the wool they gave to create all sorts of amazing things. One such thing were rugs of enormous quality. These rugs are still being made today. This is why so many people are so pleased to discover just how much they can make use of the kind of craft that is here. When they buy Berber rugs, they are tapping into a tradition that spans many hundreds of years and still, luckily, continues to be even stronger today.

The Many Benefits

Using Beni Ourain rugs in any home has many advantages. These rugs are made from some of the finest wool to be found anywhere in the world. The wool that the weavers use is wool that entirely locally grown. This means that those who make them exert complete control over the finished product. They can watch closely as the sheep they love so much grow wool that is going to turn into a magnificent finished product. Each sheep is lovingly tended by those who rely on them for their livelihood. They tend to the sheep’s needs. In turn, the sheep allow the people here to earn a living from the results of the wool they produce. When people buy these rugs, they are buying part of tradition that extends back a long time ago. They bring something in their homes that is not about the world of the machines and products that look exactly alike from every single angle. Instead, they get items that have been lovingly hand tended by those who have devoted their lives to creating something that is going to last. They get products that offer items where close attention to personal details is the order of the day. This is an ideal way to tap directly into the past yet also use something that is truly and utterly modern.